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5 Genius Ways To Use Hairspray

The humble hairspray can do so much more than just hold a special occasion up-do in place. Here's five ways to integrate L'Oréal Professionnel Infinium Pure hairspray into your regular styling routine.

Create Volume

Hairspray is an underrated weapon when your roots are in need of a volume boost – all that's needed is clever technique. Start by dividing hair that's 60% dry into medium sized sections and push each section up at the roots before clipping into place. Next, take a diffuser to dry off the hair and then grab your hairspray and spritz it on, concentrating your application at the roots. Unclip your hair and voilà - instant all over volume!

Smooth Flyaways

Super sleek hair is a current trending style - and hairspray is your ticket to recreating this flawless look. Whether you're styling your sleek locks out or in a pin-perfect pony, all you need to do is first spray your brush with hairspray before running it over the hair. L'Oréal Professionnel Infinium is perfect for the job because unlike traditional hairsprays, this one boasts a super fine and even mist so that the hair maintains workability and softness.

Provide Extra Hold

Want to make your up-do last? Then here's a hair hack every girl should know! To give your bobby pins extra grip, first spritz them lightly with hairspray and then let them dry before inserting them into your up-do. Once your style is complete you can go ahead and spray your entire head with L'Oréal Professionnel Infinium – it's perfect because it promotes maximum hold yet has a natural feel finish.

No-Heat Air Dry Wave

For days when you want to add a gentle wave to your hair without using any heat-styling tools, all you need is hairspray and an elastic. Simply spritz the hairspray onto slightly damp hair and then secure your locks in a braid or bun. If you're after well-defined waves, you'll also want to spray your bun or braid again. Once the hair is completely dry, simply release the elastic and you'll be left with a gorgeous wavy texture.

Tame Your Fringe

If you're rocking this season's on-trend French Girl hairstyle, then you'll probably be constantly trying to tame your bangs. To make it look smooth – but not stiff – try misting your fringe with hairspray and then letting it dry before running a flat iron over the fringe. Très chic!

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